Call For Art

Call For Art/Show Schedule – 2019

**PLEASE NOTE: All shows are an open call for entry.
Must be a member to participate ($10 annually, 15-25% commission).
Please inquire for more details about solo or group shows. **

Jan 1 – Feb 21 GALLERY CLOSED for cleaning

February 16th 22nd – March 31st ** Postponed by one week
ie. Impressionistic, stylized, influenced by…
ART DUE: Feb. 10th17th 2:00pm 
Reception: Friday February 16th22nd 7:00pm
Apr 5th – May 12th
ie. Capture a pet, loved one or influence in your life
ART DUE: March 31st 2:00pm
Reception: Friday April 5th 7:00pm
May 17th – Jun 30th
ie. Find ideas online, work with a friend, get loose, have fun
ART DUE: May 12th 2:00pm
Reception: Friday May 17th 7:00pm
Jul 2nd – Aug 18th
“Tiny Art”
ie. Small in size or small in price! Aimed at the summer traveller. Open theme.
ART DUE: June 30th 2:00pm
Reception: Friday July 5th 7:00pm
Aug 20th – Sep 29th
ie. What drives you wild? Or, landscapes.
ART DUE: August 18th 2:00pm
Reception: Friday August 23rd 7:00pm
Oct 4th – Nov 10th
ie.  Mandalas, collage, textures, prints.
ART DUE: Sept. 29th 2:00pm
Reception: Friday October 4th 7:00pm
Nov 15th – Dec 29th
“Anything Goes”
ie. Have fun!
ART DUE: Nov. 10th 2:00pm
Reception: Friday November 15th 7:00pm
ALSO “Small Works” and Winter Market

**All dates subject to change (but not likely!).


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Mark Your Calendars! (Summary)

Opening Receptions 2019

Join us at 7:pm
for “Wine & Cheese” and to mingle with the artists!

Come help us celebrate each new show!*

Fri Feb 22nd – 7:00pm “Interpretations”

Fri Apr 5th – 7:00pm “Portraits”

Fri May17th – 7:00pm “Play”

Fri Jul 5th – 7:00pm “Tiny Art”

Fri Aug 23rd – 7:00pm “Wilderness”

Fri Oct 4th – 7:00pm “Patterns”

Fri Nov 15th – 7:00pm “Anything Goes”
* Subject to change.


Art Deadlines 2019

**Must be hanging ready!

Sun Feb 17th – 2:00pm “Interpretations”

 Sun Mar 31st – 2:00pm “Portraits”

 Sun May 12th – 2:00pm “Play”

 Sun Jun 30th – 2:00pm “Tiny Art”

 Sun Aug 18th – 2:00pm “Wilderness”

 Sun Sep 29th – 2:00pm “Patterns”

 Sun Nov 10th – 2:00pm “Anything Goes”