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Are you an artist interested in becoming a member of Alert Bay Artists Society? For only $10 a year you can take part in all theme shows and have a chance to also have a solo show ~ a great experience to add to your professional CV. ABAS keeps a 15-25% commission on sales.

AND YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AN ARTIST TO BE A MEMBER! You just need to care about art. Well, that’s not even necessary really. ABAS is a non profit with the aim of fostering the arts in Alert Bay. We are grateful to all our members, even those who are not contributing artists. The $10/year per member really helps cover costs and allows us to provide more opportunities for local artists to “Inspire ~ Aspire”. If you can’t afford the $10, but can afford time, we are also always on the look out for volunteers to sit shifts at the gallery. As a volunteer run organization, the more hands the lighter the load. Volunteers sit an average of one 4-hour shift a month. And in doing so, if you are a contributing artist, this gives you a 85% rather than 75% commission! Win-win!

**If you are a member and have art and/or items for sale that you would like to add to the inventory at the ArtLoft, please click below for an inventory form to fill in and provide with your items at drop off.

Click to Download: Inventory – Waiver Form

Or, you can just familiarize yourself with them below.

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